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Details, Details: What Details Could I Emphasize in my Wedding Accessories?

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So, you've chosen a gorgeous wedding dress with beautiful details.  How could you compliment or "play up" those details with your wedding accessories without overpowering your dress or taking attention away from those great elements that drew your attention to your bridal gown in the first place? Here's a few suggestions: [caption id="attachment_228" align="alignnone" width="210"]" Mariposa" - Claire Pettibone " Mariposa" - Claire Pettibone[/caption] 1) Lace Pattern: If your wedding dress is not covered in lace but has lace sleeves, waistline, or skirt detail, you could pick up those details in your wedding accessories.  Perhaps, this can be done with a lace headpiece, headband, comb, or wedding hair flower that features lace accents. It would look exquisite!  If you opt wear a veil, pick up the lace pattern with light details such as a bridal veil with lace appliques placed at the bottom of veil as opposed to the top of the veil in order not to compete with the sleeves.  Lastly, a beautiful pair of wrist length gloves with bit of lace embellishment would look simply gorgeous as well. 2) Highlight a Less Specific Detail on Your Dress:  Some wedding dresses with embroidery or lace may have a general lace pattern such large florals or leafy vines and then may have a details that is not throughout the gown but within the pattern here and there.  "Mariposa" by Claire Pettibone as featured here, has a few beautiful butterflies, but they're not throughout the embroidered detail.  Highlighting this type detail whether butterflies, crystals, leaves, or similar by selecting wedding accessories with those details least featured on your dress can enhance your entire look.  This is because using a detail that is not "overplayed" on your dress in your headpiece, bridal veil, gloves, or even wedding shoes or all of the above can tie your wedding ensemble together in a very tasteful manner. 3) Highlight the Major Details: This seems to be the most obvious choice.  If your bridal gown has large flowers, heavily detailed bead work, even defined geometric shapes, choosing to echo these details up in your bridal accessories would most definitely tie your look together and perhaps be the easiest way coordinate your wedding accessories. 4) Fabric: Most brides who choose to wear a wedding veil or bridal headpiece will go with a classic bridal illusion (tulle) veil  and maybe a rhinestone headpiece that reflects the theme of the wedding gown.  If you want to be less classical, you could pick up the feel or cut of the fabric being used in the dress.  For instance, if your wedding dress is made of silk organza, you might choose a silk organza wedding veil.  This will flow and move the same way your dress does and so coordinate your look while not keeping the emphasis on the dress and not the accessory.  Choosing a veil cut or style similar to your bridal gown can also accomplish the same thing.  For instance, if your dress is a fit and flair style, a butterfly, cascade, or even an angel cut wedding veil design will enhance your entire gown motif.  These bridal veil cuts are designed to flair out and delicately "flutter" down thus the blend of detail would subtly repeat the "fit and flair" theme without look "matchy matchy". The are no rules or regulations to accessorizing your wedding ensemble.  The most important thing is to choose an accessory that "speaks" to you, reflects your own personal style, or let the dress "speak" for itself if that is what moves you! Happy planning!

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