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When Should I Choose My Wedding Accessories?

wedding accessories

This is a common questions among brides.  It seems once you get your dress, waiting to get your accessories seem like something you can wait on, right?  Wrong.  It often surprises many brides to find choosing a wedding veil and/or headpiece, jewelry, shoes, and other items often is much harder than they first imagined.  So start early.

When Should I Purchase My Accessories?

3 months before your "wear date" is optimal.  Remember your "wear date" may be sooner than your wedding day.  If you have a hair trial, a final fitting, or a photo shoot in which you would like to have your accessories, order or purchase your items with those dates in mind.  

What Can Help Me Make Good Choices in Choosing my Accessories?

Once you find your dress, the fun really begins.  Start looking for your wedding accessories immediately, but don't feel pressured to start purchasing right away (unless your wedding is actually 3 months away, then get to work).  Here's some tips...

  • Get a swatch of your wedding dress fabric if available.
  • Take digital pictures of your wedding gown from the front, back, and close up so if you need to show it to someone you can to help you select matching accessories. 
  • If you don't have a picture of your dress be sure and bookmark a link that shows a photo of your bridal gown so you can share that instead.
  • Grab some ideas on Pinterest or bridal sites like "The Knot", "Brides", "WeddingWire" or other wedding blogs.  You can find some great photos of wedding hair accessories, hairstyles, jewelry, and even so DIY tips to make some of your items if you are on budget. 
  • Choose 3 different swoon-worthy accessories for each item you plan to wear for your final look.  For instance, if you are going to wear a headpiece or a veil, choose 3 of your most favorite ones you've seen so, just in case one or the other is unavailable at time you order or purchase an item you'll be just as happy and it will reduce disappointment and stress.  
  • When shopping for accessories, find out if the item you are interested in will be available in the time frame you'll need it.  This is whether from an online source or from a brick-and-mortar store. Don't assume it will be ready to order or purchase when you are ready.


Give Yourself Breathing Room

Allow room for "oops".  Sometimes the best laid plans blow up.  So, allowing those optimal 3 months gives you room to make adjustment where needed.  After being in business for 15 years, we've heard quite a few snafus.  We've had a couple of little sister, nieces, and pets get a hold a couple of veils and "re-designed" them.  A few brides thought their dress was one color but when it arrived it was another.  You know what that means for accessories!  Of course, there is the dreaded "Murphy's Law" which  sometimes cross our path (in case you ask, "What is Murphy's Law? - Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong).  So, if you can, give yourself so room to breathe.  You'll be glad you did.

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