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What is a Beaded Wedding Veil?

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What is a beaded wedding veil and what beaded edge patterns are there from which to choose?  Why are they so expensive?  Find out some fast facts....

Beaded bridal veils refer to either the kind of trim or accent on a bridal veil that can include rhinestones, crystals, pearls, bugle beads, or other types on bead work. It can also include intricate embroideries of scroll work, flowers, vines, or combination of these elements. 

A beaded veil or beaded trim on a veil can play up subtle details on your dress, enhance and coordinate the bead work on your gown, or even be the sole "show piece" of your wedding ensemble. Some examples are shown below...

Heavily Beaded 

beach bridal veil 

 Elena Designs Style E1184Erica Koesler 896 Veil

Why Are Beaded Wedding Veils so Expensive?

Beaded veils often are designed with detailed touches of painstakingly hand-placed crystals, rhinestones, pearls, bugle beads, seed beads that are either glued individually or hand-sewn to the delicate tulle (if you've ever done this, like us - you'll understand "pain-staking").  If the veil includes intricate embroideries this also adds to the workmanship of the garment.  Therefore, the cost of this kind of wedding veil will be higher than a classic veil with a cut edge or continuous ribbon edge depending on the details that are added and how it is added affects the price as well.   

Fast Fact: Have you ever wondered what the difference is between a "rhinestone" and a crystal?

I'm sure in your wedding shopping and online perusing you have seen some bridal designers call "rhinestones" crystals and others "crystals" rhinestones.  It's kind of confusing.  So, here's a little fact for you....


Crystals are solids made of molecules, ions, and atoms.  They are actually a cut gem.  Therefore, they give excellent effervescent sparkle more than a rhinestone would give.


Rhinestones can actually be made of crystals, but also include whole or in part glass or acrylic. Therefore, while they do give off blingy sparkle they are not as sparkly as a crystal. Rhinestones also often have a silver foil at the back that allow the light to reflect off of the stone, while a crystal is often set by itself without a foil.

Should That be a Problem?  It only depends on your personal preference. If you love natural authentic crystal stones then you might be willing to search for a wedding accessory with these components, like Swarovski crystals. However, it is noteworthy even top designers use rhinestones over genuine crystals to create their beautiful designs and they look equally beautiful.  It's really a personal choice, but it's good to know!  

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