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Veil Colors: The "Blushing" Bride

blush wedding veil pink wedding dress pink wedding veil rose pink wedding veil

Gorgeous blush wedding dresses abound on the runways and brides are responding.  What pink tones wedding veils are available for the "blushing" bride?


Blush Veiling

Blush Veil Example

This is the most popular wedding veil tone for matching a blush toned bridal gown.  Blush can almost look "white" because their is a hint of pink which is most apparent when matched up against the dress.


Pink Veiling Example


Pink wedding veil tone is the truest in tone.  Kind of a "baby pink" if you will.  It is just so romantic and ethereal when accompanying a pink toned bridal gown.


Rose Tulle

Rose Veil example

Rose wedding veil tone is the pinkest and richest pink.  There is no's pink.  It looks fabulous with bridal gowns with a deeper pink tone or with true pink accents.


Wedding Dress: Mia Solano, Carris

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