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Veil Colors: All that Glitters is Gold...

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Brides choosing gold and champagne wedding dresses fashionable golden wedding veils and accessories to accentuate their glamorous look.  What gold tones are available for wedding veils.  Here are some of the gold tones we offer brides for their special day...


Champagne Veiling

Champagne Drop Veil example

Champagne is one of the colored wedding veil tones that most closely matches light gold to champagne bridal gowns.  It glistens in the light and looks flawless.


Gold Rush Swatch example

Gold Rush

Gold has a shimmery metallic look in the lighting.  This wedding veil tone looks great with a dress featuring true gold metallic lace or appliques or a bridal gown that has a bright gold hue.


Cafe Tone

 Cafe is a deeper golden tone.  It is a great wedding veil tone for those bridal gowns with a deep matte gold or cappuccino color.  It's harder to find and limited in supply a lot of time.  It is an excellent well targeted match for those wedding dresses in that deeper gold almost beige color.

Wedding Dress Featured: Mia Solano, Cate

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