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How Do I Choose a Veil That Won't Hide the Details on my Wedding Dress?

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This is a very common question we receive from our brides.  One of latest popular wedding dress trends by designer to have very elaborate and beautiful detailed backs embellished with exquisite bead work, flowers, or lace that really should be the "star". Who wants to steal the show from such beauty!  

Here are a few tips we've offered our brides who don't want to hide those gorgeous details:

1) How Far Will You Go?

Tip 1: Choose a Veil Length longer than the details on your bridal gown.

Dress Details

Just how far do the details on the back of your wedding dress descend?  Is it just on the shoulders, does it cover only the bodice or upper part of the gown, or are details throughout the material?  This would be the first thing to consider and could possible determine the choice you make for the length of your bridal veil.

For example, the dress above by Mia Solano Bridal, "Ainsley" has beautiful detail that descends right under the hips, so the veil length should not go shorter than that detail. 

A wedding veil that is shorter than where the details on your dress ends could create a "cut off" or choppy look. 

2) Matchy Matchy...

Tip 2: Choose a Wedding Veil with Similar Beading or Style that Coordinates with your Bridal Gown.

 Type of Veil Dress Details

Often, the most common bead work on a wedding dress features clear crystals, pearls, clear or silver bugle beads or similar as well as silver or gold embroidery.  Of late, are the 3-D flowers or laces embellishments. 

So, why not play up those details by adding a touch of scattered crystals, pearls, or rhinestones to your wedding veil to enhance those fabulous details you love so much on your dress? 

Adding a touch of similar detail to your wedding veil will not overwhelm your gown but rather enhance it.

For instance, the dress above has some great silver embroidered floral detail. Picture cascade cathedral veil as shown above with light touches of clear crystal and/or rhinestone throughout the veiling to echo the silver details.  It will not "fight" with the details but rather harmonize.

This dress has a delicate "fit and flair" drape.  A cascade or waterfall veil drops similarly from the comb and looks fabulous with "fit and flair" bridal gown styles because it has the same silhouette.

 Also, you can choose a wedding veil style that imitate the "flow" of your dress can also accomplish a similar effect. 

3) The Long and Short of it...

Tip 3: Go with a Face or Cage Veil with Details to Bring the "Back" to the "Front".

Erica Koesler Veil with Details

A long veil always looks good with just about any wedding dress.  Conversely, going with a short veil such as birdcage or tulle cage veil with some kind of coordinated adornment can be the "icing" on the cake.

This tulle cage veil by Erica Koesler very elegantly just cover the face with a blingy flower comb.  Since it is just on the face, it does not cover the detail on the dress at all.  But what it outstandingly does is adorn the entire look bringing the floral beaded design at the back of dress "to the front of the dress" with the detail on the veil.

Erica Koesler Tulle Birdcage Veil with Detail Also

Here's another example of a less "dramatic" short tulle cage veil that has a light scatter of rhinestones and a petite vintage inspired rhinestone hair clip. Using the bead work at the back of the wedding dress as inspiration, the delicate and light detail of this wedding veil simply ties the look together making a bride look truly "bridal".

Need some more inspiration for your look?  Reach out to our experienced consultants on our "Contact" page.  Tell us about you, your dress, and what details you want to play up for your big day.

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