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Silk Tulle Veils vs. Illusion (Nylon) Tulle Veils - What's the Difference?

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We have had the pleasure of designing silk tulle bridal veils since 2001 for a number of happy brides.  Princess Kate Middleton wore a beautiful lace version of a silk tulle veil for her big day and re-started a frenzy for this great looking wedding veil.  We are often asked the question, "What's the difference between a standard tulle veil and a silk tulle veil"?  We have a few photos and details to help answer this question for inquiring brides...

Bridal Illusion (Nylon)

Bridal Illusion Example

Bridal Illusion also known as "tulle" is a finer higher quality tulle than your crafting tulle you might see at the craft store.  It is a fluid fabric with a netted weave made of nylon. It has a bit of body providing some fullness and is the standard fabric used by the bridal veil industry to create most wedding veils you see today.  This includes designer veils and custom veils.

Silk Tulle Blend

Silk Tulle Blend

 Silk Blended fabric is a soft and fluid netted fabric that gracefully lays down without any volume.  It has no body and often comes only in 60" width at the most.  It is a great choice for a silk wedding veil since  the cost is a bit lower but gives the bride the same fluidity of a 100% French silk veil.  A lightweight trim can be added but it is most recommended to have a plain cut edge to this bridal veil since a trim is best applied by hand.

Italian or English Silk Tulle

Italian Silk Tulle

Italian and English silk tulles are more coarse in texture and more suited for a trim if desired.  It is also made of 100% silk but not as soft as French silk tulle.  Both French and English (or Italian) basically have the same weight and texture.  This veiling can be made in any veil length and typically in widths up to 70" wide.

French Silk Tulle

French Silk Tulle

French silk tulle is a very soft and delicate netted fabric.  This is the same fabric the Princess (Kate Middleton) used for her special day.  It is made of 100% silk and is the most luxurious out of all the silk tulle veils.  It can be made in any veil length and up to 100" wide but is not recommended to have a trim applied due to the very delicate nature of the fabric.  It frays easily, but is absolutely stunning as a silk veil.

Can I Purchase the Fabric from You?

We do not sell fabric to our customers but, we do create beautiful silk tulle veils at reasonable prices.  Check out our silk tulle veils for styles and options.


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